At Random Acts of Flowers Indianapolis, we transform lightly used flowers into beautiful bouquets, which we deliver – along with a moment of kindness – to our neighbors in healthcare facilities. While we receive flowers from florists, grocery stores and funeral homes, some of our donations come from weddings, birthday celebrations, and local events, large and small.

We’re grateful for your donation. We know your flowers have already served a very special purpose and we are thankful that their beauty can continue to provide kindness, encouragement and support to neighbors in our community.

Because of our limited resources, we are NO LONGER ABLE TO PICK UP WEEKEND EVENT FLOWERS. Any wedding flower donations will need to be dropped off at our workshop on the Monday following the event. For more information on donating flowers, read our Floral Donation FAQs.


The flowers you donate to Random Acts of Flowers are considered a charitable good! To determine the amount you will receive back, in exchange for your flower donation, visit The Charity Navigator. Simply enter the amount your flower arrangements are worth (or what you paid for them) and your federal tax bracket (see chart – Brides & Grooms; remember you’ll be married by the time you file your taxes). The calculator will display the net cost of the flower donation and the tax savings.