Funeral Home Partners

At Random Acts of Flowers, we share moments of kindness through deliveries of recycled flowers. We couldn’t do this without our funeral home partners. Since our inception, Random Acts of Flowers has partnered with funeral homes to recycle flowers in a productive and meaningful way. We work with local companies to fulfill our mission, receiving thousands of bouquets a week, which we turn into deliveries for hospitals, hospices, and healthcare facilities around the country.

Partnering with us means:

  • Memorial flowers are given a second life. Many families are unsure of what to do with the vast number of floral arrangements that have been given to honor their loved one. Random Acts of Flowers coordinates with the funeral home and gathers the stands, sprays, and baskets after the service and re-purposes the flowers into beautiful bouquets for delivery to individuals in area hospitals, senior care facilities, and hospice centers.
  • Customers have more options. Funerals are a difficult time and it is comforting for families to know that they are carrying on the memory of their loved one through the emotionally uplifting gift of flowers. When floral arrangements are donated, families can be assured they have helped bring smiles to others in the community.
  • Families’ loved ones are acknowledged at no extra cost. Random Acts of Flowers picks up the flowers after memorials at no cost to the funeral home or the families. Additionally, each family’s loved one is acknowledged on the enclosure card in every floral bouquet.
  • You can reduce the cost of waste disposal. Save time, waste disposal fees and effort by encouraging families to donate flowers to Random Acts of Flowers. Nothing donated goes to waste and all unusable flowers are composted with a community partner.

“The families really like that the flowers are bringing joy to someone after their loss. It is a service for the funeral home and the customers and those attending that have sent flowers. The staff at Random Acts of Flowers are professional, courteous, and prompt.”
– Tommy Jenkins, Funeral Director

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